Plagron Top Grow Box 100% Natural

SKU : 1350

The Top Grow Box 100% Natural contains everything you need for growing on 1m². 5 products in 1 box. The Top Grow Box is the ideal pack if flavour, taste and quality are the most important to you.

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Growing Set Plagron Top Grow Box 100% Natural

Everything you need for growing on 1 m2. Each Top Grow Box contains the unique booster Green Sensation. Plagron measuring cup and lighter included. The Top Grow Box 100 % Terra is the best choice if you prefer flexibility. Thanks to the immediate absorbable nutrients in Terra Grow & Bloom you can always respond quickly to the needs of your plant. All of the 100 % Terra products from Plagron offer much flexibility so you can grow at your own insight. A Top Grow Box is sufficient for one square metre of plants.


  • 100 ml Plagron Alga Grow
  • 100 ml Plagron Power Roots
  • 100 ml Plagron Pure Zym
  • 100 ml Plagron Green Sensation
  • 100 ml Plagron Vita Race
  • 1 L Plagron Alga Bloom
  • 25 ml Plagron measuring cup


  • Alga Bloom is an organic based diet that is specifically made for growing on earth. Alga Bloom use in the flowering stage of the plant. This fertilizer of algae ensures healthy, strong plants and a rich bloom. Protects against high salt concentrations and fungi. Fast food intake for strong growth and flowering. Stimulates the production of chlorophyll. Contains plant's growth and flowering hormones for higher yields. DOSAGE: 4 ml per 1 L of water (1 : 250).


  • Additive Booster Green Sensation is a powerful booster that ensures a high yield. This massager is specially developed for the last four to six weeks of the flowering phase. The sophisticated composition provides Green Sensation in all the nutrients that the plant needs. It provides an exuberant flowering and fruit set, a hard cell structure and the best taste. Plagron Green Sensation is a powerful, natural crop-booster. Proper use of Green Sensation will result in a higher yield, higher sugar production, harder cell structure and increased general resistance to disease. It also enables the plant to recover more quickly from stress (for example, after re-potting). The results are sensational and easy to achieve even for starters. DOSAGE: 1 ml per 1 L of water (1 : 1000).


  • Power Roots is an organic root stimulator. This stimulator used in the growing phase and the first weeks of the flowering phase. Power Roots stimulates the growth of the roots and increases the resistance of the plant. It is fast, economical and is almost immediately absorbed by the plant. Power Roots ensures the development of strong plants. DOSAGE: 1 ml per 1 L of water (1 : 1000) or 2 ml per 1 L of water (propagator).


  • Vita Race is an organic foliar fertilizer and growth stimulator for the growth phase and the first three weeks of the flowering phase. It provides the plant the necessary amino acids, trace elements, minerals and essential natural hormones which accelerates growth and flowering is prepared. Stimulates and accelerates the growth and flowering. Increases resistance. Protects against high salt concentrations and dehydration. Stimulates the production of chlorophyll. Stimulates branching and fruiting. DOSAGE: 1 ml per 1 L of water.
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