General conditions and the use of e-commerce

Company Lifedrop d. o. o. offer you via e-sales, technical offers current supply gardening equipment, while easy purchase, available 24 hours a day. Using the service is free.
User e-commerce has its own user name and password. Password is secret and known only to the user. The user must ensure that the password used only he or a person authorized to act on his behalf.


Minimum order amount is EUR 9.
When ordering, the customer receives an invoice.
When ordering quote is automatically sent to subscribers e-mail. Order-invoice shall be kept in our database. If the customer is accidentally lost / deleted estimate, it can be sent again.

Refusal of orders:
- Lifedrop d. o. o. in the event that the contract under these conditions can not be achieved, refuse the order and notify the customer by e-mail.
- The contract shall be refused if it is not awarded to the rules of purchase.

Terms of payment:

Ordered goods buyer pays after receiving quotation:

- Advance the company bank account
- Credit Cards

After payment of the ordered goods are delivered to the purchaser in accordance with the rules and price of delivery.

Language in which the contract is concluded: Slovenian

Collection and Delivery:

Acceptance of goods is also possible at the company, every day between 8 and 18 hours, if requested, or the goods are delivered to another pre-arranged location.

Cost of delivery:

The cost of shipping to the amount of 50.00 euro is 4.00 euro, above this level the contract is free for Slovenia and Croatia, for all other countries please contact us for quotation.

When sending soil (bag 20L, 25L, 50L) we charge a "weight surcharge". 1 bag = €1

Warranty and Service:

Company Lifedrop d. o. o. guarantee the quality of goods guaranteed by the manufacturer of the goods.
Basic conditions for the warranty: The warranty may be enforced only by a copy of the invoice. As a rule, one year warranty, except for consumables which are not warranted. In the case of factory defects within the warranty period, they shall be eliminated at the service free of charge.

Service for products out of warranty is guaranteed for a period of 5 years, unless the law otherwise specified.

In case of damage due to misuse, negligence, mechanical damage and damage in the event of force majeure (power surge, lightning ....) are not warranted. It also guarantees can not be enforced in the event that the goods are visible foreign intervention, intrusion, or in the wrong management. negligent treatment or the use of non-original elements.

For lost data not responsible.


If the ordered goods are not satisfied, or if you want the purchase for any reason to withdraw, you must do so within 14 days from receiving the goods.
The consumer may not use the goods unhindered until withdrawal from the contract. He may, however, inspect and test the goods to the extent necessary to determine the actual condition.
In the case of returning the item, the buyer must properly protect the item before handing it over to the carrier. The item must be protected by the original packaging. In case of withdrawal from the contract, you must return the item together with all accessories that you received together with the item, for example: cables, brackets, screws,... Yourself are responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods, if the reduction is the result of conduct that is not necessarily necessary to establish conditions, properties and functioning of the goods, therefore we recommend that you do not use the goods indefinitely until withdrawal from the contract and return.
We recommend that you inspect and test the received goods only to the extent that is absolutely necessary to determine the actual condition and as is usually in case in classic stores.
Buy back parcels will not be accepted!

Legal notice and statement confirmation: operates in accordance with the Law and in no way promotes, encourages or opertes against it; visitors and buyers at are solely responsible for their own actions.
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the buyer of seeds also confirms the following:
- I'm 18 or more years of age;
- I'm buying seeds as souvenir;
- I will not use the seed in conflict with applicable Law;
- at the purchase moment I'm not a mentally ill person, I do not have temporary mental disorder or severe mental retardation or I'm not in an addiction rehabilitation process or recovery;
- I'm aware of the local and international Law regulations to which I'm subject.

Seeds are sold in their original packaging. Germination and cultivation is prohibited and illegal in Slovenia and most EU coutries.The company Lifedrop d. o. o. will not discuss matters with its clients which would incourage actions against Law regulations. The company Lifedrop d. o. o. reservs the right to refuse a purchase of seeds through, in case there are compelling reasons to indicate that the use of purchased seeds will be against Law regulations.

Security of personal information:
Company Lifedrop d. o. o. is committed to sustainable protection of user\'s personal data. Will be used only for the needs of companies sending goods and other necessary communication.

Page Content:
We are trying to make online shop include accurate and up to date information. However, no warranty for the accuracy of the information, not accept any damages or other liability for errors in the content of online shops. Images of products are symbolic and do not always represent the actual state such as paints, accessories ...

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