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Active Carbon Filter CAN 100

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Carbon filter for superior natural air cleaning Can-Filters CAN 100 with air flow up to 330 m³/h.

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Carbon Air Filter for the ultimate Air Purification Can-Filters CAN 100 (300 - 330 m³/h)

The premium filter Can Filters CAN 100 (CAN Lite 300) is a very lightweight filter made of high quality plastic. The filter has the option of changing the flange - 2 flanges are suitable for this filter - 100 or 125 mm. The carbon filter is connected to the exhaust vent. It eliminates all odors so that only clean air comes out of the room. It is composed of a metal body containing small particles of active carbon. It retains even the smallest particles. The whole thing is wrapped with felt that retains larger particles. Carbon weight is 1,6 kg.

The Original Can-Filter is a high quality, NO maintenance, carbon air filter with a tested and true 99.5 % odor removing capability and a suggested life span of 12 - 18 months. Can Filters use only the best virgin activated (CKV-4) pellitised carbon - cleaning the air quickly and effectively. With 15 years experience specializing in activated carbon odor control, Can-Filters designs and builds only the highest quality Activated Carbon air filter, using only Virgin Activated Carbon specially formulated to meet your job criteria. Can-Filters provide one of Nature's BEST odor control materials - activated carbon. The CKV-4 (carbon type) is specially developed for this purpose. Choice of Carbon type and activation process affects the Carbon's ability to perform well for a given application. Controlled grain size and a large surface area give full rated airflow and more than 99 % odor removal. Optimal Carbon bed thickness - More carbon means more absorption! Can-Filters packed bed design means no settling and no preferential channels for consistent performance and long life. Palletised Carbon for dust free even airflow throughout the entire filter, decreasing the amount of pressure on your fan for maximum air flow. Can-Filters contain more carbon than any other filter on the market with large carbon beds (wall of the filter containing the carbon) Flanges don't come fitted to the carbon filter. This allows a flexible approach; for example, 2 flanges are suitable for the Can-Lite 100: 100 mm or 125 mm. To determine the proper filter / fan size for your indoor garden you must first calculate the size of your room (length x width x height) and divide that number by how quickly you would like the air in the room to be exchanged (we suggest 1 - 3 minutes). This number is the recommended minimum CFM that is neded to select the sutable Can-Lite filter. Can-Filters use a custom specified virgin activated Coal based carbon, (CKV4) to ensure the longest possible life in most applications. Whether for commercial, industrial, or residential use you can be sure that the proper carbon type, carbon weight, and bed width has been chosen to give full odor removal.


  • Palletised Carbon for dust free even airflow throughout the entire filter, decreasing the amount of pressure on your fan for maximum air flow
  • Can-Filters contain more carbon than any other filter on the market with large carbon beds (wall of the filter containing the carbon)
  • Interchangeable flanges
  • The flange is included - Choose between 100 and 125 mm


  • How do I use the Carbon Air Filter? Filters can be placed inside or outside a growing environment and used for cleaning the intake or the exhaust air. Place a fan that matches the size rating of the filter, into the flange on the filter top and place the filter on the floor, bottom end down, or hang the assembly horizontally in the growing area.
  • When do I use the Carbon Filter? Use a Can Carbon Filter any time you need to clean 99.9 % of all odors and unwanted airborne organisms from the air.
  • What does this product do? This product removes smell, to be used with a fan to draw the smelly air into the filter to be cleaned. Carbon filters remove all particles in grow rooms that create odours.
  • What is the Maximum Temperature/Humidity I can run my filter at? The maximum recommended temperature that you can run your filter at is 80 °C / 176 °F. Above 70 % humidity the water molecules in the air start to get stuck in the carbon pore structure and slowly diminish the life of the filter.
  • How long does the filter last? The life of a filter is determined by the concentration of the contaminant, the relative humidity and the volume of air cleaned.
  • Is it recommended to push or pull through the filter? It is recommended to pull air through the filter, the reason for this is because the filters utilize the most surface area of carbon to clean the air and you use the most of the pre filter to block dirt and debris from entering your carbon pore structure. Another advantage of pulling air through the filter is that your going to have clean air running through your fan instead of air possibly laden with dust, and other airborne particles that could stick to the fan blades and create air resistance.
  • What is the Can-Filters packed bed design? During the manufacturing process Can filters uses an industrial shaker to vibrate the filter to ensure the carbon bed is packed tight and full to the top. This process eliminates any preferential channels which would allow the odor to pass through the carbon without the proper contact time.
  • What will the Carbon Filter do for my plants? Carbon filters purify air and prevent odours and disease organisms from entering or leaving growing environments.
  • Where will I see the results? It is what you will not see (airborne disease) or smell (unwanted odour) as a result.
  • Why should I use the Carbon Filter? Carbon Air Filters use only the highest quality pre-Cambrian mined carbon ore with the smallest grain size (more surface area to clean air).


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